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Three Kings Brewery starts 2014 by brewing its 100th beer – in 18 months

Three Kings Brewery logoNorth Shields-based Three Kings Brewery has started 2014 by brewing its 100th beer – in only 18 months.

The firm’s head brewer Ewan McCann previously told CannyBrew that he does not decide what beer he will brew until he walks into the brewery on a morning and “tries to brew at least one new beer every fortnight.”

“After only 18 months in the brewing game we brewed our 100th beer in the first week of the New year,” said Ewan. “Named simply ‘Gyle 100’ we hope people enjoy the malty dark ale that’s brewed using five different grains including rolled oats for a creamy, smooth finish, and lightly hopped with a delicate fresh pine aroma from classic Northdown hops.”

The name “gyle” comes from an old brewing term for a large vat in which wort – the unfermented liquid made by brewing – ferments.

But the brewery is not resting on its laurels and this month, as well as providing one of the winter saisons for The Free Trade Inn in Byker’s mini beer festival, will also release a second “New Year” brew, Resolution, which was made on January 2.

“When Mick mentioned the Free Trade was putting on a Saison festival I had to give it it a go,” said Ewan. “Avoiding the temptation of emptying my spice rack into the copper I decided to let the yeast to do its wonder.

“Using a saison yeast of Belgian origin the fermentation cycle was allowed to run free and reached its peak at 29C. That’s a high temp in brewing terms, but allows you to get complex esters from the yeast.

“The result was a dry, peppery, clove like finish with a distinctive sourness – not quite Dupont but still a canny drop of ale.

“As for Resolution it’s an Amber Ale single hopped with plenty of Marynka Hops, which is one of the few Polish Hops on the market.

“It shares the same pride as Lublin hops and much of the same growing area, largely outside of the city of Lublin, Poland. Marynka Hops has a heavy, up front aroma with essence of earthy and herbal tones.”

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