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Allendale Brewery unveils new pump clip designs for beers

Allendale Brewery has unveiled new branding and pump clips as part of it’s ambitious expansion plans for 2014.

Allendale Brewery's old and new branding

Only weeks ago the business, in South West Northumberland, installed huge new 4,000 litre fermenting tanks and a 4,000 litre hot liquor tank, as part of plans to increase its weekly capacity by 60%.

And now it has launched a new look for its beers on the bar, ditching the more realistic pictures of birds and animals in favour of a more modern, cartoon-like style.

“We love our new branding and it seems that publicans do too,” said Allendale Brewery owner Lucy Hick.

“We have had many compliments, and as a result have now got five tap takeovers lined up, where a pub will put our beer on all of their guest lines, which is amazing for us.

“The first is at The Free Trade Inn in Newcastle, starting next Friday, February 14, which also happens to be the eighth anniversary of our first ever batch of beer.”

Allendale Brewery expansion

As well as the new tanks an extension to the brewery building has created a new cask washing room and plans are afoot for further expansion this year.

“I think it is a combination of factors that have seen our business succeed,” said Tom Hick. “We are making more and more interesting beers, we have a great team of people working here and the new branding looks set to make a great impact too.

“I am very proud of all the hard work that has gone into the growth we have seen, especially considering the slow economy and boom in the numbers of other micros setting up in the area.

“It just goes to show how more and more people are enjoying quality, locally brewed beers.”

New Allendale Brewery bottled beers

Allendale Brewery is also looking to add to its bottled beer range in 2014, with recipes being taken from the firm’s popular experimental END series of ales.

“Our customers are requesting more and more exciting beers, with New World hops and tastes proving extremely popular at the moment,” said Allendale Brewery’s head brewer Neil Thomas.

“People expect a much higher quality product these days. When you are looking for a bottle of beer, there are so many out there that people want something special, and we hope the new additions to our range will really appeal to the modern beer fan.”

Allendale Brewery Golden Plover up for Siba BeerX award

“We are looking forward to March when we are attending the SIBA BeerX competition in Sheffield where our Golden Plover,” Allendale Brewery owner Tom Hick added. “It won gold in the regional stage and is going to be judged for the national golden ale in a bottle award.

“We are also entering Red Rye from our END range and APA will be again up against Thornbridge Brewery’s Jaipur in the craft beer in keg competition.”

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