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Sonnet 43 to reopen its Kicking Cuddy pub home as the Clarence Villa

Sonnet 43's The Clarence VillaCounty Durham’s Sonnet 43 is finally set to reopen the pub that’s attached to its brewery after a more than 14 month refurbishment.

The firm, based in Coxhoe, south East of Durham City, set up shop in a building adjoining the old Kicking Cuddy tavern last year – but while the Tavistock Leisure owned venture opened brewery taps at the Lambton Worm in Chester-le-Street and the White Lead in Hebburn, its “home” pub remained closed.

But now the hostelry is set to return with a new “old” name, The Clarence Villa, and beers brewed just next door.

“We are readying to re-open the pub that adjoins our brew house in Coxhoe as a brewery tap on Friday November 22, after extensive renovation work,” a spokesman for the brewery said.

“Formerly known as The Kicking Cuddy, now The Clarence Villa, the venue will comprise both a pub and restaurant, offering traditional British food with a modern twist made with quality ingredients from loc­al producers wherever possible. It will also, of course, feature our ales which are brewed just next door.

“We were keen to stay true to local roots, as the brewery itself does with its own name, so the name-change is actually a return to the pub’s original name.

“First opened back in 1857, The Clarence Villa was derived from the neighbouring Clarence Railway which was used for coal transportation and was named after the Duke of Clarence who later became King William IV.”

The refurbishment has included an extension to the rear of the pub, and during 2014 the brewery hopes to develop the site to also include a visitors’ centre, where people can go on brewery tours.

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