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Crown Posada boss chases down thief who stole bourbon from historic pub

Pub manager Andrew Nicholson tracked and chased down a booze thief who stole spirits from Newcastle’s historic Crown Posada pub.

A bottle of Jack Daniels was taken as it was being delivered to the historic Sir John Fitzgerald tavern early on Thursday November 28.

But after checking the CCTV and identifying the culprit, the bar boss then saw the thief staggering down the street and set off after him.

“He was staggering about talking to random strangers,” said Andrew, from Hexham in Northumberland, who confronted the man, and then chased him up Dean Street when he ran away.

“And by the time the police arrived he’d finished the bottle – he was caught red handed.”

Comic book fan Andrew told the Sunday Sun that trying his hand at being a superhero, had made him feel like his spandex-clad hero.

“I’m a huge Batman fan – I have the T-shirt, the slippers, the dressing gown, everything,” he said.

“Subconsciously, I felt like the caped crusader himself when I was running this guy down. It was pretty exhilarating.”

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