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Bedlam at Tilleys Bar as pub prepares for 150 bottle celebration (VIDEO)

PUB bosses are set to celebrate an unusual milestone with four specially produced “super bitter” beers from Allendale, Anarchy, Brewlab and Tyne Bank breweries.

Tilleys Bar, on Newcastle’s Westgate Road, will from Saturday December 15 be stocking 150 different bottled beers at the same time, and have helped craft the new 150 IBU brews to mark the occasion.

Assistant manager Anthony Ellis said reaching the remarkable figure was the fulfilment of a dream.

“We have always wanted to have a beer range far exceeding that of any other pub in Newcastle,” he said. “So over the last year we have been trying to find the most interesting, finely crafted and downright tasty beers we can get our hands on.”

The 150th bottle on the bar will be a special limited edition Allendale brew, of which only 48 exist.

But even if drinkers don’t fancy a bottle, four new ales will be hitting the handpulls after North East breweries rose to the challenge of creating a 150 IBU brew.

IBUs – International Bittering Units – are a measure of the bitterness of a beer as contributed by the alpha acid from hops. Most beers will have a value between 20 and 45.

“The master brewers were given only one criterion to meet,” said Tilleys’ manger Graham Frost “The beers had to be150 IBUs. Other than that, it’s all been up to them.”

The pub bosses even went and helped to brew some of the new beers, including Anarchy’s offering Bedlam – which CannyBrew staff have tried and described as smelling of “boozy sultanas.”

View the anticipated list of bottles available on Saturday 15 December.


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