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Birthday celebrations continue as Anarchy lets off Smoke Bomb at Tilleys (VIDEO and GALLERY)

ANARCHY Brew Co continued its first anniversary bash with a second night of celebrations – and a second new beer.

The Morpeth-based brewery, which only a night before launched 6.6% IPA Quiet Riot, followed it up with 3.9% smoked dark beer, Smoke Bomb.

Brewer Andy Aitchenson said the 76 IBU beer, made using a mix of South Pacific and English hops, and obviously including smoked malt, once again adheres to the company’s new “all natural” aim.

“You’ve got malt, you’ve got hops, you’ve got yeast and you’ve got water. And that’s it. That’s all we used in it,” he said.

“There’s no fruit gone in that, there’s no additional chemical gone in there. That beer is exactly as it should be as a result of those four basic ingredients.”

And as it hit the pumps at Tilleys Bar assistant manager Anthony Ellis said the beer had been flying out.

“I didn’t think it’s was going to last the night,” he said. “It wouldn’t surprise me if we’d gone through a firkin of it.”

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