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Anarchy kicks off first birthday with Quiet Riot at Lady Greys (VIDEO and GALLERY)

ANARCHY Brew Co kicked off their first birthday celebrations with the launch of a new “natural” beer, Quiet Riot.

The 6.6% IPA, made using South Pacific hops, was launched at Lady Grey’s pub on Shakespeare Street in Newcastle, with drinkers praising the new brew on Twitter.

“Yet another cracking brew from the folks at Anarchy,” said @andydeltic. “Well done peeps!”

The new beer is the first of the brewery’s new “natural” range, that sees no artificial additives or finings used.

Brewer Andy Aitchenson said: “We’re putting less of the stuff in there that shouldn’t be in there in the first place as far as we’re concerned.

“When we start to think about Isinglass (finings that help settle and “de-cloud” the beer), Isinglass has got quite a metallic, tangy flavour, so you’re kinda putting something in there that adds a flavour that’s not necessarily desirable in the first place and strips out some of the flavours that you put in there in the first place.

“You’re taking out and putting in to the detriment of the final product when in actual fact if you just leave the beer alone and leave it to develop character it just tastes so much better.

“It’s a fuller mouth flavour it coats, you can lick your cheeks and get those hop flavours that you couldn’t if that beer had been fined.

“Initially, when Quiet Riot is cold, you’re gonna get flavours like guava – It’s gonna be quite full and sticky.

“It’s got a sweetness that kinda underlies, but it’s got a bitterness that cuts right through and lasts and lasts and lasts – It’s quite harsh to start off with.

“As that temperature comes up, you start to find mango and passion fruit come into the fore and the warmer the beer gets, the more you get the mango until in the end, it’s like drinking a fruit juice.

“But what you have to remember is it’s 6.6% and at 6.6% that beer’s gonna kick you in the face.

“And that’s kinda the idea, you shouldn’t know what your ABV is on that beer, it should be tasting like fruit juice.”

On it’s launch night Lady Grey’s gave raffle tickets to everyone who bought Quiet Riot. The winner was Richard Dollimore, acting Secretary of the local CAMRA Branch, who won an Anarchy Brew Co t-shirt and a pack of their beers – Sinist*r, Sublime Chaos & Anarchy Lager.

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