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Foodies set for night of feasting and Anarchy

Broad Chare chef Chris Eagles with a pintANARCHY Brew Co have teamed up with Cafe 21’s Terry Laybourne for an evening of beer and food matching at The Broad Chare.

Matching beer with food is a growing trend as more and more chefs realise that beer can be just as good, if not better, an accompaniment for their dishes than wine.

And now some of the region’s top restaurants are starting to cotton on.

A spokesman for the Broad Chare said: ” When husband and wife brewing team Simon and Dawn Miles at Morpeth-based Anarchy Brew Co suggested a food and beer matching evening at The Broad Chare, we thought well, why not? It sounds a fun way to start the week.

“What could be better than matching proper food with craft beers?”

During the evening, on Sunday April 21, Simon will be joined by head brewer Andy Aitchinson to outline their brewing philosophy and explain about the different beers, which  Terry Laybourne and head chef Chris Eagle have designed a feasting menu for.

Unfortunately however if you don’t already have a table booked then you’ll just have to buy some of the brewery’s bottles and try your own matches at home as the evening is sold out.

And share your top North East beer and food matching tips in the comment section below.


Aperitif: Crime Scene, a hybrid American amber

 Starter: Broad Chare Bar Snacks, served with Quiet Riot, a cloudy South Pacific IPA

Main: Roast Suckling Pig with Apple, served with Anarchy, a strong continental-style lager

Trial beer: Bitter amber rye

Desert: Montgomery’s Cheddar, served with Sublime Chaos, a dark stout

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