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Sublime Chaos emerges as first sign of Anarchy

Anarchy Brew Co are to officially launch their new name and a new beer at Bacchus in Newcastle.

The Morpeth-based firm, formerly known as Brew Star, will be at the High Bridge hostelry to unveil their fourth regular beer, a 7% ABV breakfast stout called Sublime Chaos, from 6pm on Thursday September 13 2012.

Produced using Has Bean coffee from the Guji region of Ethiopia the beer went through an unsuccessful trial run before a suggestion from a city barista found the right bean for the brew.

Andrew Mitchell came to us and said Anarchy were looking for a coffee to use in a breakfast stout as their first test hadn’t quite worked out as they wanted – it had been too sweet,” said James Andrews, manager of Pink Lane Coffee.

“He suggested a coffee with something like a blueberry flavour might be needed to cut through it and I remembered Steve from Has Bean tweeting about something that might work.

“So I told him about it and he passed the suggestion on to the brewery.”

From there Anarchy’s owners Dawn and Simon Miles contacted Has Bean, who confirmed they thought the recommendation was the right one, and the couple set about creating the beer.

“The tasting notes on the coffee said ‘blueberry muffin’, but that doesn’t really come through,” said Simon. “Instead what it does is it seems to round off the beer, which is actually quite bitter for a stout at 32 EBU.”

The beer is the first of the brewery’s output to feature it’s new logo, and was trialed on it’s visitor centre bar, at Whitehouse Farm, last weekend.

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