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Free Trade Inn and Bacchus team up for sour beer weekend

The Free Trade InnTwo of Newcastle’s award winning pubs, the Free Trade Inn and Bacchus, have joined forces to try and introduce more drinkers to the concept of “sour beer.”

From Berliner Weisse to Gueuze, by way of Flemish reds and sour saisons the pair are hoping to offer a range of lip smacking ales, the likes of which has not been seen in  the city before.

“Both pubs currently stock a great range of sour bottles, and often have at least one sour beer on tap,” said Free Trade manager Mick Potts, “but sour beers though can often be a daunting choice for a drinker unfamiliar with them.

“The new and bizzare flavour experiences, funky aromas and uncommon names often raise eyebrows and sometimes put people off.

“But on October 25 and 26 we hope to have a range of beers to suit sour drinkers across the spectrum, whether you’re a Berliner Weisse Novice or Old School Gueuze head, we‘ve got the face twister for you.”

Bacchus will have local sours in the form of Almasty’s Cherry Sour and a “brett aged” version of Anarchy Brew Co’s Siba award winning Sublime Chaos, while the Free Trade will have Almasty’s Cask Unblended Berliner Weisse and a yet to be announced Allendale beer.

Other beers will come from the likes of Wild Beer, Toccalmatto, Brodies, Tiny Rebel and Beavertown.

“We’ve chosen to split the event over two pubs simply so we can offer a great number of beers,” said Mick. “Unlike other beer events, filling a bar full of just sour beers is not something you can do.

“Split over two pubs – very handily connected by the yellow Q2 bus – we can offer a 14 or so draft beers and still both have room for other great beers.”

As well as draft beers both bars will also have a selection of bottles with some “special treats” lined up too.

For the latest list of beers on offer check out the Free Trade Inn’s Facebook event page.

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