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Brewdog raises over £300 for Amnesty International (GALLERY)

THE BAR that is driven by great beer and is in Newcastle-upon-Tyne to make that beer accessible to the masses used its globally recognised brand to raise a voice in protest against the treatment of the Russian Feminist art collective Pussy Riot.

Brewdog Newcastle invited guest speakers from Amnesty International to the bar on Sunday 16th December to take part in a fundraiser aimed at raising local awareness of the treatment of the Russian women. They had ‘information stations’ where people could watch and listen to installations that  explained what exactly happened to Pussy Riot and who/what they are, as well as having The Canny Little Library at hand to explain and discuss hot topics.

Helen Davison, from Brewdog Newcastle, explained that “the idea behind the t-shirts and art submissions was to raise the profile of local talent, as well as getting the message across to people in a way more hard hitting than a rant or lecture.

“One submission included a 4’x4′ crochet Balaclava built for us by Michelle Goulder, others included collages and cartoons.

“A picture paints a thousand words, so we invited some of our favourite artists to express what Pussy Riot means to them.”

In keeping with Brewdog style, a wide range of beers and beer cocktails was lined up for both the connoisseur and the virgin alike.

Music-lovers were also kept entertained as exceptional mind blowing performances were given by The zany Painkillers, Dead Peasants, Beauty Pageant, and the masked marvel Fanny Lennoxxx , who formed  just for the benefit and have vowed to play once only and never again!

The bar raised a tidy £300 from beer cocktails, art sales and t-shirt sales, which went to Amnesty International in support of their Freedom of Expression and Human Rights Campaign.  Helen was thrilled by the support from locals, saying “it was great considering this was a free entry gig and held on a cold Sunday night!

“By combining local art, music and charity to raise the profile of issues we let pass us by every day, it meant a diverse crowd of people grouped together in a city centre bar, and left inspired.”

The bar hopes to do more like minded events in the New Year, and are keen to support issues closer to home; especially those suffering from recent government cuts. The night was curated by Brewdog Newcastle staff Helen Davison & Jade Sweeting. If anybody would like to work alongside them, get in touch by emailing newcastlebar@brewdog.com.

Images provided by Brewdog Newcastle.

Amnesty International are ordinary people from across the world standing up for humanity and human rights. Their purpose is to protect individuals wherever justice, fairness, freedom and truth are denied.

BrewDog prides itself on being ‘DIY’ and abiding by a ‘punk Ethos’. They are part of a brand that holds global recognition, with a goal to change the face of the beer industry. Their bars are encouraged to be ‘open minded,’ each with its own personality.

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