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Craft Beer Calling will return in 2015, organiser says

Craft Beer Calling will return to Newcastle in 2015 after the beer festival’s organiser said the inaugural three day event had been a resounding success.

Thousands of people – reportedly from as far away as New Zealand, America and China – turned out to try beers from a host of North East, British and international breweries.

And Dave Stone, of Wylam Brewery and Greenan Blueye, which owns the city’s Town Wall and Bridge Tavern pubs, who put the festival together, said the response was such that he hopes it can return for years to come.

“Craft Beer Calling did really well and it was really well received, with lots of positive feedback,” Dave told The Newcastle Chronicle.

“It was nice to see so many people having a good time – our aim was always to have an event that was accessible to people who were not necessarily ‘beer geeks’ and take them on a journey to introduce them to some amazing beers.

“My favourite was the Hell’s Porter, a chilli beer from the Liverpool Craft Beer Company, and also Jakehead Embryo, Wylam’s IPA, which was casked straight from the fermenter, without conditioning. It was interesting to taste that beer before it had taken its full journey and how different it was.

“It was also great to see talks like the regional brewers panel, with them all sitting down together and discussing craft beer in Newcastle and the North East.”

Dave said that the positive response to this year’s festival meant it will definitely return next year.

“I’ve already put it in my diary as an annual event,” he said.

Photos of Craft Beer Calling 2014

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