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Bands fundraise for Daybreak with performance of new Beck album

songreader3FIVE North East bands raised almost £600 for people with learning difficulties by performing American superstar Beck’s new “sheet music only” album.

Headlined by Symphonic Pictures, with Scottish Polis Inspectors, Tiny Lights & Friends, Calf and Mansions Of Glory with Nathalie Stern providing support, the groups took to the stage at the Cluny, in Ouseburn, to play tracks from Song Reader.

“We were absolutely blown away by how much time and effort everyone had put into the songs and the standard was extremely high across the board,” said Julian Ive, manager of The Cluny.

“Everyone involved made a huge contribution towards what was a really memorable and worthwhile night.”

Released solely on sheet music, Song Reader leaves just about everything completely up to the performer’s own interpretation, so the bands could put their own unique stamp on the tunes.

In total £595 was raised and presented to the Ouseburn branch of not-for-profit social enterprise Daybreak, which offers life skills training, supported work and volunteer experiences, sport, leisure and cultural activities and accredited courses for people with learning disabilities.

“The Ouseburn Daybreak centre is located about 50 yards from us, and we are very proud to support them,” said assistant venue manager Thomas Bagnall. “They provide a really vital service and are an integral part of life in The Ouseburn Valley.”

To hear some of the tracks from the gig visit the Cluny Song Reader Tumblr.

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