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Anarchy Pleased To Meet Dr. Martens

MORPETH-based Anarchy Brew Co were the centre of the Quiet Riot in Newcastle’s newest shoe store, bringing the bottles needed for a successful launch party.

Images: OPR

The exclusive VIP launch party was attended by the North East’s top fashion, music & cultural trendsetters, including local musicians HATi, Lulu James & Frankie and the Heartstrings. Dr Martens chose to work with local North East businesses to launch their 1,000ft² store, including soft drinks producer Fentimans from Hexham, who brought their Rose Lemonade, Curiosity Cola and Cool Ginger Beer to the event.

“We don’t have a one size fits all approach to store launches and definitely like to make each store launch local and individual to it’s city, ” explains Amy Nelson, UK Retail Marketing Manager for Dr. Martens. “It’s important for us to build relationships and support other local business and to make the event as relevant to the city as possible so naturally we wanted to work with the excellent array of local suppliers and business in the area.”

To soak up the many bottles of Sublime Chaos, Smoke Bomb & Quiet Riot that Anarchy offered guests, Newcastle’s street food restaurant Electric East supplied a range of light bites. “Anarchy Brew Co were a natural fit as their brand fits perfectly with Dr. Martens and their beers are amazing, they were ideal for our launch party,” noted Nelson.

Prefab77, with their passion for anti-establishment spirit, rock ‘n’ rebellion and British youth movements, and their unique visual style of street art were chosen to splash their artwork across three walls in a special section of the store where customers can sit and try on Dr. Martens shoes and boots, read magazines and listen to the in-store jukebox.

As well a a successful charity auction raising over £700, Nelson was delighted with how Newcastle has taken to the arrival of Dr. Martens, “our opening day broke a world record for sales, and was a brilliant party in true DM’s style.”

Once the launch event in the retail outlet came to a close, the after-party moved to the city’s new independent gin palace, Pleased To Meet You, where again, Anarchy Brew Co took the attention by having a launch of their own. Urban Assault, the brewery’s newest cask-conditioned product is a 5% pale ale with great hop aroma and flavour.

“Pleased To Meet You is a new addition to the Newcastle bar/club scene and very keen to work with us – having the after party there, somewhere new and exciting, was a great end to our night,” said Nelson.

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