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Anarchy Brew Co celebrates 100th brew with 100 minute IPA Warhead

Warhead-300x300BREWERS at Anarchy Brew Co have marked the milestone of their 100th brew with the release of a “100 minute IPA”, called Warhead.

Although the 100th batch was reached back in March, the team were too busy with several new beers and struggling to keep up with the demand for their other ales to take note of the occasion.

But now, six months late, they’ve gone back to highlight the landmark.

“We wanted to do a big beer for the 100th brew and thought it would be good to do a 10% 100-minute IPA,” said brewery owner Dawn Miles, whose new beer also has a bitterness of 100IBU.

The beer was launched at the York Tap in York Station with customers telling the brewery that the beer was “a big fruity beast.”

“We’ve been working with York Tap and they said they would love to launch one of our beers,” said Dawn, who runs Anarchy with husband Simon. “When it was ready, we asked them, and they agreed to not only launch Warhead but also to have a tap takeover with the other beers in our range.”

The first batch of bottles have been delivered to local shops including Coppers 8 ’til 8 in Brunton Park,near Gosforth, Glug in Newcastle’s Grainger Market, Rehills in Jesmond, and Bin 21 in Morpeth.

STYLES GUIDE: Minute IPAs refer to the length of time the wort is boiled for, during which more and more hops will be added to the beer. The longer the boil the stronger the beer, so that a 60 minute IPA might be what you would consider a normal strength, 90 might be pushing over 8% and a 120 could be heading deep into a 12% hoppy barley wine territory.

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