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Tyne Bank Mocha Milk Stout turned into truffles by Jenny Penny Cakes (VIDEO)

CAKE makers have turned Tyne Bank Brewery’s new Mocha Milk Stout into tasty treats, after finding out about it’s launch through CannyBrew.

Jenny Penny Cakes, from Humbledon Hill in Sunderland, have used the “Twitterati” beer to make truffles, after discovering the new ale through the social networking website.

“It’s definitely to my taste,” said mum Judith Sanderson. “I am a real ale fan. I absolutely loved this beer when we received it from Tyne Bank Brewery.

“I just love the taste of the coffee and the chocolate. You can taste the vanilla afterwards when you’ve drank it.

“We had to resist temptation and not drink all of it and save some for making the truffles.”

The company first tried making beer truffles last Christmas, using a bottle of Robinson’s Old Tom from their local supermarket. However, the recipe contained sugar and ended up too sweet.

Daughter Jennifer Marriott then heard about the new beer through thanks to @CannyBrew‘s response to @JennyPennyCake‘s tweet during a #NorthEastHour event on Twitter last month.

It is now hoped the latest attempt will prove more of a success.

The truffles will be available alongside the beer as it is launched tonight at The Free Trade Inn, in Byker, Newcastle.

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