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Drinkers Grin and Bear It as Anarchy launches beer with Rossi Noise

ANARCHY Brew Co asked pub-goers to Grin and Bear It  as they launched their latest beer at Lady Greys in Newcastle.

A collaboration with local unsigned band Rossi Noise, the beer first sneaked onto a bar at Newcastle Beer Festival in April.

But brewery owner Simon Miles said he was pleased at how the “hybrid pale” ale had now turned out in its keg form.

“The beer is the two malt, two hop beer we did for Newcastle Beer Festival,” he said. “And while it worked on cask, I think it’s better on keg as for me personally I prefer it colder.

“For anyone who’s not tried it they should expect aromas of apricot and pineapple, and a crisp dry finish – I think it’s very quaffable for a 5% beer.”

Simon said he believes the beer may catch many drinkers out as they try to work out exactly what style the beer is – thanks to its wheat beer characteristics.

“If we told people it was a wheat then many people wouldn’t try it. But it’s neither a pale ale or a wheat – we certainly didn’t use a yeast you would usually use for a wheat beer,” he said. “Hopefully it can be a ‘gateway’ beer, that can help educate people a little bit.”

The beer is named after local band Rossi Noise’s latest single Grin and Bear it, which was released on April 26.

The group – which are due to play Evolution Festival, as well as the brewery’s own Mash Up Festival in August – have close ties to the year and a half old company after playing its Christmas party back in December – then seeing lead singer Ross hired to work at the Morpeth-based firm.

Guitarist Neal Harrison, who was tasting the beer for the first time said it was “right up his alley.”

“It’s very fruity, very nice and refreshing,” the 30-year-old, from Newcastle, said.

Grin and Bear it is the first of two Anarchy Brew Co collaborations with Tyneside musicians, with a second “band beer,” Knuckledragger, set to be launched at BrewDog Newcastle on Bank Holiday Monday, May 27.

“Both cover different genres,” said Simon, “so hopefully we’ll get different musical followers.

“And hopefully as you never really see a hybrid beer it’ll get people talking. We just want to give people something different which you wouldn’t ordinarily see on a bar.”


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