Gateshead Beer Festival 2014 – The Beer List

Gateshead Beer Festival 2014 takes place from Friday May 2 to Sunday May 4 2014 at Gateshead Rugby Club in the town’s Low Fell area.

Canny Brew will be there on all three days bringing you live coverage of the festival, it’s beers and its bands.

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Kegged Beers

1 – Abbeydale – Pale Ale No 1 – 4.2% -Tropical flavours of passionfruit and peaches dominate with hints of grapefruit and pine from the fantastic Galaxy and Simcoe hops.  Dry hopping in the conditioning tank intensifies the flavour and aroma of this beer whilst its sweetness is complemented by a long and lingering bitter finish. Deliberately unfiltered, full flavoured and beautifully refreshing.

2 – Abbeydale – Pale Ale No 2 – 4.3% -A beautifully balanced pale straw-coloured session ale with a distinctive floral aroma, leading to a predominantly citrus taste, with melon coming to the fore, and a quenching bitter finish.

3 – Allendale – APA – 5.5% -A true full bodied IPA, light in colour. Absolutely crammed with whole leaf hops from around the globe, refreshing bitterness and full of citrus and tropical fruit aromas.

4 – Allendale – Tar bar’l – 4.5% -Smooth and rich with coffee and chocolate flavours complimented with delicate hops to make an authentic yet remarkable stout.

5 – Anarchy – Knuckle Dragger – 8.3% -Collaboration beer with the band ‘We Are Knuckle Dragger’. Double IPA.

6 – Anarchy – Quiet Riot – 6.6% -Kiwi fruits, lime, orange zest. Big bitterness balanced with sweet malts.

7 – Anarchy – Smoke Bomb – 3.9% -Bavarian smoked ham, dark, smooth, toffee, medium body.

8 – Anarchy – Sublime Chaos – 7% -Big, rich, viscous, liquorice, chocolate, caramel, coffee…

9 – Anarchy – SHORT FUSE – 4.5% -Light, crisp, refreshing, bready, lager like.

10 – Anarchy – Crime Scene – 5.5% -Amber, caramel malt, orange, mandarin fruits. Bitter finish. Medium body.

11 – Anarchy – Grin and Bear It – 5% -A collaboration for our pals at Rossi Noise. Pale wheat.

12 – Anarchy – Blonde Star – 4.1% -Lemon, grapefruit, passion fruit, pale malts. Crisp and fresh. Light in body.

13 – Buxton – Axe Edge – 6.8% -Our full flavoured, strong India Pale Ale. Now hopped with Amarillo, Citra and Nelson Sauvin. This beer has a pale straw-amber body, and pours with a full creamy head. Its complex flavours include mandarin orange, schnapps, pineapple, and juicy tropical fruits. It is warmingly alcoholic with a dry finish.

14 – Buxton – Jaw Gate – 5.6% -An American Pale Ale. Brewed to commemorate a recent altercation…

15 – Durham – Cloister – 4.5% -English, Czech and American hops mingle throughout the boil to give an aroma of citrus grapefruit with a mild pepper and citrus orange notes throughout.

16 – Durham – White Stout – 7.2% -A strong, stout, pale body supports perfumy, spicy hop flavours and aromas. Intense bitterness is balanced by forest fruits and mango.

17 – Harvistoun – Schehallion – 4.8% -Schiehallion is a stunning lager with elegant head and luscious lacing. It has “aromas and flavours of fresh-cut grass, brown sugar, lychee and green mango” [Melissa Cole] with a crisp palate and a lingering, fresh, grapefruity finish.

18 – Magic Rock – Ringmaster – 3.9% -Plenty of US hops to give the beer a floral/grassy aroma and lip smacking citrus flavours which combine with a defined malty character to make a magically moreish and quenching beer.

19 – Magic Rock – High Wire – 5.5% -Let your taste buds walk this test of balance. Mango, lychee and lip-smacking grapefruit flavours harmonise against a smoothly composed malt base, which develops into a crisply bitter finish.

20 – Maxim – Swedish Blonde – 4.2% -This Smooth Swedish Beer Is Very Light In Colour And Uses Cascade And First Gold Hops To Give A Refreshing Hoppy And Complex Grapefruit Flavours On The Palate.

21 – Mordue – X2 – 4.7% -A very pale IPA dominated by flora citrus notes. Winner of the 2013 Newcastle beer festival battle of the beers.

22 – Northern Alchemy – Highly Hopped Pale – 5.5% -Currently no tasting notes

23 – Northern Alchemy – Lemon Vanilla Stout – 6% – Currently no tasting notes

24 – Northern Alchemy – Lime, mango & Cracked Black pepper Ale – 4% – Currently no tasting notes

25 – Northern Alchemy – Smoked Tea Black IPA – 6.5% – Currently no tasting notes

26 – Out There Brewing Co – Next Stop Mars – 8% -A redolent journey to Mars, encountering orange zest comets and hops from the planets Hallertau, Columbus, Cascade and Nugget.

27 – Out There Brewing Co – Space is the Place – 3.5% -A space race between Hersbrucker, Columbus and Challenger hops, and Munich and Melanoidin malts to the light side of the moon.

28 – Thornbridge – Colorado Red – 5.9% -Has hints of subtle toffee malt, complemented by a mix of dried fruit, candied peel and fragrant hops. A great balance of citrus and roasted malt characteristics.

29 – Thornbridge – Tzara – 4.8% -Hybrid ale , fermented like a beer but matured like a larger. A bold fruity pallet with some bready notes. Crisp and refreshing beer.

30 – Tynebank – Silver Dollar – 4.9% -Brewed using US alpha hops with an I.B.U. of 45 for it has the characteristics of the style with a strong grapefruit and citrus aroma leading to a clean slightly dry bitterness that lasts!

31 – Wylam – Jakehead – 6.3% -Matured for over two months and supercharged in keg!! Rich/bright & amber/bronze with lots of American hop aroma. Distinctly bittersweet on the palate with a massive hop complexity fashioned deep within the IPA tradition.

32 – Wylam – Cascade – 4.1% -Single malt/triple hop.Unfiltered American pale ale brewed with masses of new season USA Cascade! Huge notes of pink grapefruit & sherbet lemon.

Extra 1 – Siren Craft Brew – Calypso – 4% – A Berliner Weisse.

Extra 2 – Wild Beer – Solera – 4.4% – A blend of young and older, barrel-aged saison.

Extra 3 – Wild Beer – Scarlet Fever – 4.8% –  A hoppy ruby ale balanced with malt sweetness. Expect citrus and floral notes balanced with caramel sweetness.

North East Cask Ale

33 – Allandale – Festival Wheat Beer – 0% -This Wheat beer is being brewed specially for the festival and as yet there are no tasting notes

34 – Allendale – Pennine Pale – 4% -A light golden ale brewed with a trio of bold flavoured American hops for a full citrus fruit flavour and a refreshing finish.

35 – Allendale – McMillans Auction Night Ale – 0% -Beer will be name by highest bidder at the Auction

36 – Anarchy – CITRA STAR – 4.1% -Citrus grapefruit, lemon, lime, passionfruit, clean and crisp. Light bodied.

37 – Big Lamp – Prince Bishop – 4.8% -a rich hoppy golden ale

38 – Big Lamp – Lamp Light – 4.2% -crisp and light coloured with a dry after taste

39 – Black Paw – Black Paw IPA – 5% -Brewed to an authentic American recipe, this amber ale has a strong complex aroma and refreshing bitter finish.

40 – Consett – Blast Bitter – 4.3% -A Full Flavoured,Amber Bitter With A Dry Finish

41 – Consett – Men of Steel – 4.2% -A Full Flavoured, Light, Hoppy Ale

42 – Cullercoats – Shuggy Boat Blonde SPECIAL ABV – 5% -The same refreshing all English Blonde beer, with fruity/ citrus flavour from generous late hopping with Bramling Cross and English English Cascade hops – a stronger version, but well balanced and delicious!

43 – Darwin Brewery – Extinction Ale – 8.3% -An historic 1927 barley wine recreated from samples recovered from the Scarborough and Whitby brewery. A smooth and satisfying ale with solid mouthfeel and strong depth of flavour maturing slowly with age.

44 – Darwin Brewery – Evolution Ale – 4% -Crisp tasting bitter, brewed to a fine balance of malt and hop character with fruit aroma and spicy mouthfeel.

45 – Durham – Magus – 3.8% -Our best selling beer. Clean and refreshing with citrus overtones.

46 – Firebrick – Blaydon Brick – 3.8% -Taste is of a well rounded and gentle ordinary bitter, a slight sweet spice is balanced by clean pine bitterness.

47 – Firebrick – Elder Statesman – 4.5% -A substantial but not overpowering best bitter, deep coloured with flavours of malt biscuit, plum fruit and a pleasant bitterness.

Extra – Firebrick – Coalface – 3.9% – A dark session beer. Delicate blackcurrant hop is balanced by light coffee notes.

48 – Gambling Man – Jack o’Clubs – 4.7% -Our ever popular Rye Porter. The inclusion of malted rye gives this dark ale spicy undertones, whith dark fruit and a little smokiness on the palate. Some raisin and dark chocolate notes, give way to some plum like notes in the aftertaste

49 – Gambling Man – Fourth Street – 4.4% -A New World IPA brewed with hops from New Zealand and Australia. Light in colour, big on fresh flavours. Aromas of tangerine and freshly mown grass. A Clean bitterness that last long past the last sip.

50 – Gambling Man – “Top Secret” – 0% – This Beer is being Launched by Gambling Man at our festival. The beer is brewed in a way that Gambling Man believe has never been made commercially. Watch out for their press release.

51 – Hadrain and Borders Brewery – Needles and Pins – 4.2% -Dark amber coloured beer, fruity and well bodied through the addition of Pacific Gem and Admiral hops.

52 – Hadrain and Borders Brewery – Coast to Coast – 4.4% -Light amber and hoppy beer with a nice malt balance.

53 – HB Clarke – Blonde – 3.9% -Pale, straw colour, fruity aroma with light spicy taste

54 – HB Clarke – Zeppelin – 4.2% -Straw colour, Hoppy aroma, Fruity taste

55 – Jarrow – American IPA – 5.5% -Classic APA.

56 – Jarrow – Rivet Catcher – 4% -A light, smooth, satisfying gold bitter. Subtle fruity hops give the taste profile on tongue and nose.

57 – just a minute – “40” Winks – 3.8% -A real English session beer not too strong, but bags of flavour.

58 – just a minute – Golden Dawn – 4.3% -A classic blonde, soft and smooth with a crescendo of Massive hoppiness.

59 – Leamside Brewery – Five Quarter – 4.5% -Brewed using a blend of six malts and English hops. Silky smooth mouthfeel with berry fruit flavours and hints of coffee and chocolate.

60 – Leamside Brewery – Brockwell – 4.2% -A straw coloured pale ale with tropical fruit flavours from New World hops.

61 – Maxim – Maximus – 6% -Dark ruby in colour the beer has a sweet liquorice taste that is warming and easy to drink.

62 – Mordue – IPA – 5.1% -India Pale Ale (I.P.A.) is brewed with Horizon hops from the U.S.A. giving the beer a dry bitterness, that is reminiscent of a traditional IPA of yesteryear.

64 – North Yorkshire – Golden Ginseng – 3.6% -Clean tasting, well hopped traditional beer with ginseng.

65 – Northumberland Brewery – Firkin Hoppy – 3.9% -A Golden session ale packed full of new zealand,australian and american hops

66 – Ouesburn Valley Brewery – Milk Stout – 4.4% -Traditionally dark in colour with a liquorice aroma, sweet liquorice and slight coffee taste.

67 – Ouesburn Valley Brewery – American Honey – 5% -Rich dark gold in colour with sweet honey taste and very strong dry hop aroma.

68 – Out There Brewing Co – Laika – 4.8% -A cloudy Belgian style wheat beer with colliding particles of coriander, orange and cumin.

69 – Sonnet 43 – Bourbon Milk Stout – 4.3% -Dark malts give this sweet stout an almost black body with a tempting dark tan head. A rich, full-body and aromas of bitter chocolate and oak, as well as multiple flavor levels comprising delicate sweet bourbon, silky chocolate and dry oak

70 – Sonnet 43 – Steam Beer Amber Ale – 3.8% – The aroma has a well-balanced malt and hop combo with sourdough and nut notes. The taste is exactly what you’d expect from pale malt and Northdown hops making this beer medium bodied but with a slightly bitter though very refreshing aftertaste.

71 – Sonnet 43 – American Pale Ale – 5.4% -It has a pale bronze colour and a full-bodied complex character with a spicy and peppery aroma. Generous quantities of Cascade, Centennial and Mount Hood hops give this Pale Ale its fragrant bouquet with a fruity, malty and spicy flavor.

72 – Sonnet 43 – India Pale Ale – 4.4% – Complex hoppy aroma due to lots of Styrian hops. Delicate fruity malt taste and low in carbonation makes this beer hugely drinkable and sessionable whilst standing out from the crowd.

73 – Sonnet 43 – Brown Ale – 4.7% -A very moreish rosy brown beer. Quite a simple brew for those who like their beer mild and fruity with flavors of malt and toffee blending well with a pleasant light bitterness.

74 – Sonnet 43 – #14 A Love I Seemed to Loose – 4.5% -Pale golden colour. Plentifully hopped with Crystal hops for citrus aroma and lots of character. Pilsner malt produces a crisp, clean flavour while flaked maize gives the beer a light, smooth texture. Perfect for a sunny Spring afternoon.

75 – Stables – Old Miner Tommy – 3.7% -Very pale golden bitter. A Refreshing session ale

76 – Stables – Bobby Dazzler – 4.2% -A Blonde beer made from lager malt and traditional English hops

77 – Temptation – Extra IPA – 5.2% -Based on an American IPA, amber in colour and heavily hopped with Centennial, Columbus and Simcoe, we dry hop each cask with a different hop to smooth out the harshness of the overall beer and create up to 20 different final flavoured beers.

78 – Temptation – Red Rye IPA – 5.5% -Brewed with 10% Rye to create a peppery warming flavour that is balanced with a smooth bitterness from the ‘C’ hops. (one of the brewers favourites!)

79 – Three Kings Brewery – Ring of Fire – 4.5% -An American Pale Ale named after the Pacific Ring of Fire – a range of volcanoes that include the Cascade mountains in America. Golden pale ale single hopped with lots of Cascade hops.

80 – Three Kings Brewery – Northdown Cross – 4.4% -Best bitter with English Northdown & Bramling Cross hops. Flavour notes including spicy, fresh, pine, floral and berry;

81 – Tynebank – Southern Star – 5% -Brewed with a blend of the latest seasons hops which give a soft bitterness that is complimented by the sweetness of the malt. The bold fruity aroma and crushed gooseberry flavours impart a distinctive cool climate white wine fruitiness.

82 – Tynebank – Jamaican Mild – 3.8% -Dark mild, aged on rum soaked fruit & spices

83 – Wylam – Silver Ghost – 5% -Pale malts, Bramling and Fuggles hops. Floral, chalky aroma with flavour starting sweet and then developing a floral hoppy character.

84 – Yard of Ale Brewery – Reach for the Yard – 3.8% -zesty pale ale with hints of refreshing hop on the nose.

85 – Yard of Ale Brewery – Hill Street Brews – 4% -red ale brewed with a mix of pale, Vienna and Crystal Rye malts – full flavoured, hints of dark fruit.


National Beer

86 – Abbeydale – American IPA – 6% -Dry hopping during the conditioning process means lemon and citrus flavours dominate this golden ale with floral and piney aromas in abundance. Munich malt has been added for extra sweetness giving a warm and full bodied mouthful.

87 – Abbeydale – Deception – 4.1% -A pale beer, made with fabulous Nelson Sauvin hops. Aromas of elderflower and grapes. Strong citrus flavours, especially grapefruit. Long lasting bitter finish. Very refreshing and packed full of flavour

Extra – Abbeydale – Belgian Saison – 6.3% – A cloudy and strong summer pale Brewed with farmhouse yeast to produce fabulous fruity and spicy flavours.

88 – Buxton – Spa – 4.1% -A light, refreshing, hoppy pale ale. A showcase for the incredibly aromatic North American hop – Citra. It has a lovely citrus aroma, with juicy fruit flavours in the mouth. Medium bitternes

89 – Hop Studio – Yorkshire Quaffing Ale – 3.8% -Deep copper colour, with berry and orange flavours. There’s a hint of tangerine in the aroma

90 – Kirkstall – Generous George – 6.1% -An IPA brewed with 100% Polish hops. A tribute to a fine gentleman.

91 – Kirkstall – Dissolution IPA – 5% -Delicious amber ale with a substantial hop kick.

92 – Kirkstall – Three Swords – 4.5% -Very pale and spectacularly thirst-quenching. Three different hops give this beer a delightful citrus nose.

93 – Thornbridge – Jaipur – 5.9% -Light golden coloured with a sweet citrus aroma combining candied lemon peel with sun-drenched tropical fruits. Initially a soft, smooth taste which builds into a distinctive hoppiness with a twist of honey, and a long bitter finish.

94 – Thornbridge – Jaipur – 5.9% -Light golden coloured with a sweet citrus aroma combining candied lemon peel with sun-drenched tropical fruits. Initially a soft, smooth taste which builds into a distinctive hoppiness with a twist of honey, and a long bitter finish.

95 – Thornbridge – Kipling – 4.8% -Golden in colour with hints of honey, gooseberry and passionfruit on the nose. This pale ale is medium bodied with a malty biscuit finish.

96 – Yorkshire Brewing Company – True North – 4.1% -Distinctive Yorkshire style bitter made from Golden Promise malt

97 – Yorkshire Brewing Company – Moon Dance – 4.5% -Traditional Belgian wheat beer with coriander & curaçao oranges

98 – Yorkshire Brewing Company – Passion – 4.8% -Refreshing beer infused with passion fruit

99 – Yorkshire Brewing Company – Raspberry Twist – 4.8% -Raspberry flavoured wheat beer

100 – Battledown – Sunbeam California Steam Beer – 3.8% -California Common (aka. American ‘Steam Beer’) An ale brewed in the American post-prohibition way using lager yeast and Northern Brewer hops.

101 – Binghams – Ginger Doodle Stout – 5% -This stout is infused with root ginger to produce a stout with the refreshing zing of ginger.

103 – Celt Experience – Silures – 4.6% -This robust beer is brewed using a balance of flavour malts and Pacific and Alantic hops, the result is a massive beer with a perfect profile of bitterness, sweet vanilla maltiness and a blend of citrus passionfruit and mango on the finish.

104 – Celt Experience – Castell Coch – 4.7% – Sweet chocolate malts with caramel and fresh melon fruit. Nice lemon sharpness and a good level hopping.

105 – Concrete Cow – Pail Ale – 3.7% -Straw coloured with a clean, crisp and refreshing light citrus and honeyed malt flavour and a thirst quenching, hoppy finish and aroma.

Extra – Dorset Brew Co – Flashman’s Clout – A richly flavoured ale with plum and burnt toffee notes and citrus finish.

106 – Downton – Elderquad – 4% -A pale, generously hopped session beer with hints of sweetness and a subtle elderflower aroma provide a terrific balance to the hops.

107 – Downton – Honey Blonde – 4.3% -A golden straw coloured bitter. Spicy and floral hops are blended with flaked maize and Mexican honey.

108 – Downton – Chimera IPA – 6.8% -A traditional India Pale Ale, brewed with an increased hop rate to balance out the strength. Intense floral aromas and a powerful bitterness allow this IPA to be deceptively drinkable.

109 – Kelburn – Cart Blanche – 5% -Named after Paisley’s river, White Cart Water, this golden full-bodied ale boasts smacks of flavour. The appearance is enhanced by a touch of wheat malt, giving good head retention and a wonderfully dry after-taste that won’t be easily forgotten.

110 – Kent – Altered States – 4.7% -Highly Hopped with a sweet malt backbone, this is a distinctive and flavourful American Brown ale

111 – Potbelly – Scrum Down – 3.8% -Good traditional Chestnut ale with golding hops and the finest of malts makes this a superb quaffing ale!

112 – RCH – Firebox – 6% -A reddish deep brown coloured beer which is a deceptively drinkable strong bitter with a fine combination of citrus hops and cherry fruit bittersweet flavours which gives a strong dry bitter finish.

113 – Salopian – Lemon Dream – 4.5% -A bright gold wheat beer, lightly flavoured with a subtle twist of lemon to give a refreshing flavour.

Replacement – Stonehenge – Sign of Spring – 4.6% – A light green beer (coloured using Pistacchio based food colouring), smooth & drinkable, rich in both malt and hop aroma.

115 – Titanic – Cappuchino Stout – 4.5% -The combination of the brewer’s and the barista’s talents this fabulous beer combines the original dry Titanic Stout with the flavours of warm, enveloping smooth cappuccino. Relax and enjoy, with or without chocolate sprinkles.

116 – Titanic – Chocolate & Vanilla Stout – 4.5% -Brewed using Roast Barley and Maris Otter Pale Malt which give a huge amount of rich body to the beer and a generous amount of English North down hops to create a bitter edge, the sweetness comes from the addition of Chocolate and Madagascan Vanilla.

117 – Wharefbank – The Red Goddess Rhubarb Wheat Beer – 4.3% -A delicately spiced Belgian Wit. A subtly fruity & floral beer brewed with rhubarb & hibiscus.

119 – Coach House – Blueberry Classic Bitter – 5% -Light hoppy aroma and a distinctly fruity after-taste.

120 – Coach House – Gingernut Premium – 5% -A light, refreshing, premium strength beer with the added zing of ginger.

121 – Coach House – Cinnamon – 4.2% -A medium coloured bitter. Smooth and slightly sweet with the distinctive warm flavour and aroma of cinnamon.

122 – Copper Dragon – Golden Pippen – 3.9% -A light refreshing blonde ale brewed using Maris Otter Malt and A new variety of hop, creating A citrus fruit flavour.

123 – Copper Dragon – Silvery Myst – 4% -A genuine real ale Pilsner brewed with German pilsner malt, saaz & hallertau hops and Yorkshire water! Crisp, smooth, refreshing and pale in colour.

124 – Cumberland – Corby Fox – 4.7% -Corby Fox is a full bodied deep reddish brown ale. Brewed with the finest Maris Otter malt and English hops. Smooth with lots of soft fruit flavours.

125 – Ossett – Excelsior – 5.2% -Excelsior has a mellow yet full flavour that develops into fruity dryness on the palate. A fresh, hoppy aroma with citrus, toffee and floral characteristics.

Replacement – Robinsons – Hoptimum Prime – 4.1% – Brewed using only British hops and barley malts this beer exhibits a rich array of malt and traditional fruity hop flavours, complemented by a crisp dry finish.

127 – Robinsons – Old Tom – 8.5% -Dark, smooth, rich and warming superior barley wine with a dark winey colour.

128 – Roosters – Fort Smith – 5% -Named after the town in which Rooster Cogburn lived, Fort Smith is a big and bold India Pale Ale, brewed using Citra and Chinook hops from the USA to create tropical and passion fruit aromas and a lasting, bitter finish.

129 – Rudgate – Volsung – 5% -A pale amber coloured premium beer, with hoppy citrus aromas, and a full bodied, fruity taste. Deceptively easy drinking.

131 – Bank Top – Old Slapper – 4.2% -A light and refreshing straw coloured bitter brewed with Dwarf Hilary hops. The initial fruitiness is complemented by a pronounced hoppiness in the finish.

132 – Dark Star – Revalation – 5.7% -A blend of Centennial, Liberty, Cascade, and Citra aroma hops by the sack full – then dry hopped during conditioning using our ‘Hoptimizer’

133 – Dartmoor – Jail Ale – 4.8% -This is a full bodied mid-brown beer with a well rounded flavour and a sweet moorish aftertaste.

134 – Dent – T Owd – 6% -A rich full flavoured, strong stout with a roast coffee aroma. The dominant roast character is balanced by a warming sweetness and a raisiny, fruit-cake taste which lingers on into the long aftertaste, making this a very satisfying drink.

135 – Dent – Kamakaze – 5% -Hops and fruit dominate this full-bodied gold coloured strong bitter, with pleasant dry bitterness growing in the aftertaste. Citrus and honey in the aroma, with a hint of spiciness in the taste.

136 – FFF – Moondance – 4.2% -One of our original recipes, amber coloured best bitter with copious amounts of Cascade hops. Wonderfully aromatic floral nose balanced by a gentle bitterness with a hint of sweetness. No wonder this beer has won the most awards of all the beers in our range.

137 – Geltsdale – Hell Beck – 4.2% -A robust and satisfying red bitter flavoured with crystal and amber malts and bittered with Fuggles and East Kent Golding hops.

138 – Legendary Cumbrian Ales – Langdale – 4% -A refreshing beer with the flavour of English fruit and marmalade and a long bitter finish.

139 – Oakham Ales – Scarlet Macaw – 4.4% -Tart gooseberry and soft peach on the nose. Gooseberries and fruit to taste, before an intense bitterness that’s as sharp as a macaw’s screech!

140 – Three B’s – Doff Cocker – 4.6% -A refreshing straw coloured beer – a multi-layered delight of malt and hops with a floral aroma and taste.

141 – Tiny Rebel – Fubar – 4.4% -A unique schizophrenic beer where you’ll face off against floral hoppy flavours up front, leading into a dry spicy bitterness on the back.

142 – Tiny Rebel – Billabong – 4.6% -Dry, citric aroma with a hay notes. Flavours are pine needles, juicy citrus and some rich tropical fruits.


Nottinghamshire Beers Sourced by Double Top

143 – Copthorne – Black Beauty – 4.8% -Dark brown colour. Chocolate, light toasted caramel in the nose. Light palate. Light toasted malts, woody hoppiness, hints of caramel. Short dry finish.

144 – Double Top – Madhouse – 5.2% -Rich porter that will send you to the madhouse

145 – Double Top – Shanghai – 4.2% -Floral notes from Fuggles hops, with a very dry, bitter finish.

146 – Dukeries – Baronet – 5.9% -Hand crafted traditional chestnut Bitter with hops on the nose and bags of fruity flavours going on with a dry bitter finish.

148 – Idle – Black Abbott – 4.5% -Strong, Robust and Hefty. A dark ale with deep roasted notes. As black as the Devil’s Soul.

149 – Kings Clipstone – Hop On – 3.8% -he Kings Clipstone Brewery’s first brew is called “Hop On”. As the name suggest this is a beer with a fine hoppy aroma and taste.

150 – Lincoln Green – Hood – 4.2% -A classic English style bitter, giving a full-rounded bitterness with a gentle floral aroma.

151 – Magpie – JPA – 5.2% -mature hops, citrus fruit nose with a balance of hops and malt in the mouth with a smooth, hoppy aftertaste

152 – Maypole – Gatehopper – 4% -Cascade hops give this golden coloured ale a lovely floral aroma and lingering hoppy bitterness.

Extra – Maypole Breweries – Major Oak – 4.4%

153 – Medieval – Priests Hole – 5.2% -Dark ale with nutty coffee flavours and mint

154 – Nottingham – Dreadnought – 4.5% -A rich ruby coloured premium bitter with a well rounded fullness of malt and deep strength of hop bitterness.

155 – Pheasantry – PA – 4% -Brewed from Maris Otter Malt, Pheasantry Pale Ale is a pale coloured smooth tasting beer. The blend of hops added during the brewing process gives this 4% ABV ale floral and citrusy notes with a dry finish.

Extra – Wentwell – Derbyshire Gold – 3.9%

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