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London Mayor Boris Johnson’s Message to CAMRA

Boris Johnson, the current Mayor of London and the Conservative Party London Mayoral candidate has today sent a message to CAMRA on the importance of pubs to London.  Boris has promised to invest in transforming local high streets if he wins the election on 3rd May, increasing footfall so more people visit their local pubs.

Boris said:

“For centuries London’s pubs have played a key role at the heart of their communities, a role which I hope will come to the fore as we prepare to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic and Paralympic Games. These must not, however, be one off events.  We must all work to ensure that pubs, as small businesses and community hubs, are given the support they need in tough times.

“It is to this end that I am investing £221 million to transform local high streets and support small businesses.  As we make our high streets and neighbouring areas more attractive to shoppers, increasing footfall and the amount of time people spend there, all businesses including pubs will benefit.

“Pubs are so much more than a place to drink and I am determined, with your help, to keep it this way.”

Today’s comment from Boris means that CAMRA now has the support of all the main candidates for London Mayor.

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