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Pub chain boss delivers beer by classic car in time for Irish ale festival

HEAD of Steam boss Tony Brookes loaded casks of beer into his old Jaguar and turned delivery driver ahead of his pubs’ Irish beer festival.

The Hexham-based firm, which runs self titled bars in Newcastle and Durham, as well as Tilleys Bar, The Cluny, LYH, The Central on Tyneside, had been waiting since September for microbrewers in Northern Ireland to have enough spare ale to supply the North East.

So when it finally arrived, last Thursday, managing director Tony was keen to get it on the bar as soon as possible and loaded five casks into his car, including a container of Clanconnel Blonde on the front seat, where it was secured by a seat belt.

“I can fit 8 casks safely in my jag,” said Tony, “but I only had 5 to deliver this trip.

“It reminds me of the days when we used to have Legendary Yorkshire Heroes real ale off licences.

“In snowy winters, we used to deliver casks of beer to customers’ houses for parties on the company sledge, painted up in company colours as the beer must get through.

“Though maybe that’s why I had to keep replacing the springs on my last old Jag.”

The Irish Beers

Brewery Beer ABV
Hilden Ale 3.7
  Scullion’s Irish 4.6
  Twisted Hop 4.7
  Barney’s Brew 5
  Halt 6.1
  Headless Dog 4.2
  Molly’s Chocolate Stout 4.2
Clanconnell Blonde 4.5
  White 4.9
  Red 4.3
  Black 4.3
  Pale 4.4
Whitewater Belfast Ale 4.5
  Clotworthy Dobbin 5
  Copperhead 3.7


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