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Maxim Brewery daring to dream ahead of League Cup final

Maxim Brewery Sunderland AFC Carling Cup final pump clipsWearside’s Maxim Brewery is daring to dream ahead of Sunderland AFC’s Capital One Cup final appearance, with special pump clips for its beer to celebrate the occasion.

Hitting the bar in the run up to the match, on Sunday March 2, the red and white stripe background clips are for its 3.8% ABV Lambtons pale ale and 4% ABV bitter Samson, both of which were originally brewed by Sunderland’s Vaux Brewery, which closed in 1999.

“There is a real buzz about Sunderland getting to play Manchester City in the Capital One Cup final at Wembley on March 2,” said Maxim Brewery managing director Mark Anderson.

“It’s a possible fairy tail story of a the underdog going up against the current best side in the country.

“The pump clips feature the beers on old replica shirts reminiscent of when Vaux Breweries sponsored Sunderland in the seasons from 1985 to 1999.

“Of course we don’t have the spare £1M per year it would cost to sponsor and supply the club – but it doesn’t stop the dreaming.”

Lambtons pale ale uses Maris Otter malt with English Golding & Fuggle hops for a light, citrus flavour, while Samson was first registered as a trademark in 1896.

By the time Vaux kept its first commercial brewing records, in 1932, Samson was well on the way to quenching the thirst of steelworkers on Teesside, and in its heyday it sold 17 million pints per year, with an estimated 50,000 customers regularly drinking the beer.

Sunderland have not reached a League Cup final since 1985 – 29 years ago – when the Black Cats lost 1-0 to Norwich City at Wembley.


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