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Leazes Lane Brewery at the Trent House sees first beer sell out in two hours

The Trent House by Ben HollandBREWPUB bosses saw their first attempt at beer sell out in only two hours – and say they are eager to make more.

The Trent House, on Leazes Lane in Newcastle, installed a small brewery in its basement in September and after weeks of experimenting finally put their opening attempt at a golden ale – appropriately named Trent House #1 – on the bar ahead of Newcastle United’s home game against Liverpool at St James’ Park.

“The ale went down a treat, with the cask selling out within two hours of being tapped,” said the pub’s Johnny Wright. “Customers repeatedly returned for pints and it was just nice having a product on sale that was our own.”

The pub, under the name Leazes Lane Brewery, is planning on further experimentation, with designs on an IPA and more darker and seasonal beers in the works, and hopes their next brew will be on the bar in the second week of November.

“It’s going to have to be a one at a time kind of thing, mostly just experimenting at the minute,” said Johnny.

“But this is going to be a regular thing for us – in fact we’re brewing again this weekend.”

UPDATE: The pub has tweeted us to say that they plan to brew twice in the next week.

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