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Cullercoats Brewery Shuggy Boat Blonde Special sails swiftly out of pubs

BREWERS saw an extra strength version of one of their beers sail swiftly out of North East pubs – so they’re going to brew it again.

Cullercoats Brewery’s 5.5% ABV Shuggy Boat Blonde Special – a higher alcohol take on it’s usually 3.8% Shuggy Boat Blonde – proved a hit with drinkers, selling out in a matter of days.

The Shuggy Boat Blonde Special was Bill’s response to landlords telling him a strong ABV blonde beer would go down well in the summer,” said the brewery’s Anna Scantlebury.

We had been enjoying the flavours from the UK Cascade hops used in the Shuggy Boat recipe, – which were new to us, having come recommended by Wil Rogers at Charles Faram.

They are a breed developed in the UK, with some parentage from US Cascade hops, but they are more subtle we think.

The recipe upped the malt content for strength and we also added more hops, with both Cascade and Bramling Cross for late hopping so it had a good flowery and fruity aroma.

We sold half the batch up front before we’d even brewed it, and the rest just went within the week.

Customers have loved it, and so we’ve decided to brew it again in the spring, when we can fit a slot in our busy brewing schedule.

But before then the Winter Warmer will be in the pipeline ready for Halloween and we’ve got another special session bitter in the pipeline for a loyal pub client celebrating an anniversary in November.”

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