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Allendale Brewery increases capacity by 60% in effort to keep up with demand

Allendale-Brewery-new-tanks-4Allendale Brewery has taken delivery of huge new fermenting vessels and a new hot liquor as it attempts to keep up with demand.

The south west Northumberland brewery saw three new 4,000 litre tanks arrive on the back of a flatbed truck, which were then squeezed through the doors of the brewery and hoisted into position.

“It was a bit of a squeeze,” said brewer Neil Thomas. “There’s two new 4,000 litre cylindro-conical fermentors and a 4,000 litre hot liquor tank – and we’re also looking to source a new mash tun and copper over the next few months.

“It all allows us to double our brew day capacity from 10 barrels to 20 barrels, and increased our overall capacity by 60%.”

The expansion follows a strong year for the brewery, both through its core range and it’s more experimental END series of beers.

“It’s been a hectic year and we completely sold out of beer on a few occasions over the summer,” said Neil.

“But we won’t compromise on the quality of the beer by trying to turn it a round faster so the extra capacity should allow us to keep up with the demand.

“Also the increased capacity should see us producing a few more of the END series beers over the coming year, and there’s a single hop series in the pipeline as we have some new varieties to play with.”

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