Beamish Hall Winter Festival

Beer list

Brewery Beer ABV Notes
Allendale Golden Plover 4.0% Golden Ale. Clean Finish.
Allendale Wagtail 3.8% Best Bitter
Allendale Winter Dunkel 4.6% Red Coloured strong ale
Allendale Wolf 5.5% Crisp dark larger
Anarchy Brew Co Blonde St*r 4.1% Light blonde beer
Anarchy Brew Co Citrast*r 4.1% Hoppy blonde ale
Anarchy Brew Co Sinist*r 4.3% Dark ale, hints of caramel
Big Lamp Christmas Ale 4.8% Strong bitter, chocolate malt
Big Lamp Lamplight 4.2% A local favourite
Big Lamp Prince Bishop 4.8% Light coloured fruity ale
Black Paw Bishops Best 3.8% Classic session bitter
Black Paw American IPA 5.0% Strong amber ale
Black Paw Paws Gold 4.0% Rich golden bitter
Black Paw Polar Paw 4.4% Best drunk cold
Bull Lane Jacks Flag 4.5% Amber ale with hints toffee
Bull Lane Neck Oil 3.8% Blonde Ale
Comerberland Corby Ale 3.8% Golden ale, citrus flavours
Comerberland Corby Blonde 4.2% Full bodied blonde ale
Cullercoats Jack the Devil 4.5% Smooth malty bitter
Cullercoats Lovely Nellie 3.9% Full bodies, biscuit flavour
Cullercoats Watch House Winter Warmer 5.0% Rich, dark chestnut flavours
Darwin Beagle Blonde 4.1% Hoppy pale ale
Darwin Rolling Hitch 5.2% I.P.A with fruit flavours
Hadrian Border Farne Island 4.0% Well rounded amber beer
Hadrian Border Needles and Pins 4.4% Dark amber beer
Hadrian Border Northumbrian Gold 4.5% Light Golden Ale, biscuit flavours
Hadrian Border Tyneside Light 3.5% Light, hoppy session bitter
Hexhamshire Devil’s Elbow 3.6% Smooth ale, rounded malty taste
Hexhamshire Devil’s Water 4.1% Dark malty ale
Hexhamshire Shire Bitter 3.8% Golden hoppy bitter
Hexhamshire Wapweasel 4.8% Strong, smooth golden bitter
Jarrow Rivet Catcher 4.0% Light, smooth gold bitter
Jarrow Swinging Gibbbet 4.1% Well balanced, hop aroma
Jarrow Westoe IPA 4.6% Easy drinking premium ale
Matfen Auld Hemp 3.8% Amber, malty bitter
Matfen Matfen Magic 4.8% Traditional, premium brown ale
Matfen Nel’s Best 4.2% Golden best bitter
Matfen Rusty Rudolf 4.0% Copper coloured best bitter
Maxim Anderson’s Best Scotch 4.3% Dark, lightly hopped ale
Maxim Double Maxim 4.7% Classic tawny ale
Maxim Maximus 6.0% Strong dark ruby red ale
Maxim Swedish Blonde 4.2.% Smooth blonde bitter
Mordue Geordie Pride 4.0% Amber hoppy bitter
Mordue Northumberland Blonde 4.0% Fresh, zesty, lemon and grapefruit aroma
Mordue Winter Tyne 3.9% Dark winter ale
Mordue Workie Ticket 4.5% Bitter with hoppy finish
Roosters Black Math 4.5% Smooth easy drinking stout
Roosters Buck Eye 3.7% Hoppy pale ale, fruit aromas
Roosters Humble Pie 3.5% Pale ale with citrus flavours
Roosters Yankee 4.3% Light ale, citrus and floral aromas
Roosters YPA 4.1% Peachy, berry fruit flavours
Tyne Bank Castle Gold 3.9% Pale ale with citrus twist
Tyne Bank Pacifica Pale Ale 4.0% Pale hoppy ale
Tyne Bank Silver Dollar 4.9% American pale ale high hopped
Vale Brewery Black Beauty Porter 4.3% Dark Porter
Vale Brewery Black Swan Mild 3.9% Dark, Smooth full roast
Vale Brewery Edgars  Gold 4.3% Gold with English Hops
Vale Brewery Gravitates 4.8% Strong Ale, Citrus flavour
Vale Brewery Grumpling 4.6% Malt, Hoppy flavours
Vale Brewery King of Snow 3.9% Refreshing golden ale
Vale Brewery Olf Forest Moon 4.0% But brown bitter
Vale Brewery Red Kite 4.4% Chestnut red bitter
Vale Brewery Something Wicked 4.9% A dark special brew
Vale Brewery V.P.A 4.2% Dry hoppy ale
Vale Brewery Vale Best Bitter 3.7% Light, heavily hopped
Vale Brewery Vale Special 4.5% Pleasant hop aroma
Vale Brewery Waes Hael 4.5% Dark copper winter ale
Vale Brewery Wychert 3.9% Sparking malty beer
Wylam Gold Tankard 4.0% Golden ale, citrus flavours
Wylam Red Kite 4.5% Ruby scotch ale
Yard of Ale Resolution 4.0% Hoppy ale, dry finish
Yard of Ale Winters Yard 4.6% Dark red porter, winter spices

 Cider list

Producer Cider ABV Tasting notes
Westons MULLED TWIST CIDER 4.00% A traditional still cider laced with Winter Mulling spices. Can be served chilled or warm.
Westons RASPBERRY TWIST 4.00% A delicious fusion of refreshing cider with a twist of raspberry juice. This light, fresh and fruity sesation will delight the t6aste buds.
Westons GOVERNOR 4.80% Especially created  for Marco Pierre White this delicious lightly sparkling hazy British cider has a fresh apple flavour with hints of citrus and spice. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Westons OLD ROSIE 7.30% This still cider is full flavoured, appley, cloudy scrumpy.
Westons 1ST QUALITY 5.00% This medium still cider will compliment any meal, well balanced fruity flavour with a clean apple finish.
Westons COUNTRY PERRY 4.50% English perry matured in old oak vats to develop an exquisite, delicate, light and fruity character.
Westons BOUNDS SCRUMPY 4.80% A crisp, still, dry fruity traditional cloudy scrumpy cider. Easy drinking leaving the taste buds tantilised.
Westons TRADITIONAL SCRUMPY 6.00% A hearty and wholesome still, cloudy, cider, sufficiently robust to satisfy but not too sweet to smother the mature flavour
Westons VINTAGE ORGANIC 7.30% Made from freshly pressed juice, medium dry, still cider, full bodied rich character with a clear bright amber colour.
Mr. Whitehead RUM CIDER 7.00% An amazing flavoursome Rum Cider packed with a punch!
Mr. Whitehead TOFFEE APPLE 4.00% Toffee infused cider makes this medium sweet cider a pure must.
Mr. Whitehead MIDNIGHT SPECIAL 5.00% A blend of dessert and perry pears gives this pear cider a deep straw colour, full bodied taste and a pleasant pear aroma.
Mr. Whitehead STRAWBERRY CIDER 4.00% Fresh strawberries are added to the fermented drink allowing them to infuse. The colour from the strawberries gives this special cider a light pink hue with a medium to sweet taste.
Mr. Whitehead BLACKBERRY CIDER 4.00% The colour from the added fruits gives this special unique cider a nice maroon colour.
Mr. Whitehead PLUM CIDER 4.00% This starts light, we add plum to the fermented drink, allowing them to infuse. The colour from the plum gives this special unique cider a light maroon colour.
Thatchers TRADITIONAL 6.00% A mellow naturally hazy smooth cider produced from a blend of English bittersweet apples.
Thatchers CHEDDAR VALLEY 6.00% A naturally fermented cider in oak vats, a hazy unfiltered vibrant cider with a natural sparkle. Suitable for Vegetarians.
Thatchers HERITAGE 4.90% A light refreshing medium cider with a rich haze produced from special apples.
Broadoak MOONSHINE 7.50% Strong and very distinctive with a crisp refreshing taste.
Broadoak DRY 6.00% Rich fruity, rustic cider bursting with flavours of apple.
Broadoak KINGSTON BLACK 7.50% A dry full bodied copper coloured cider made from West Country Apples.
Broadoak PREMIUM PERRY 7.50% Sweet but incredibly refreshing with a glorious fresh pear taste.
Gwynt-Y-Ddraig BLACK DRAGON 7.20% Matured in oak barrells to produce a cider rich in colour, with a fresh fruity aroma.
Gwynt-Y-Ddraig CELTIC WARRIOR 5.50% A rounded smooth sweet cider with an aroma of fresh apple jiuce.
Gwynt-Y-Ddraig FARMHOUSE VINTAGE 6.50% A dry oak finished cider as dry as they come, definately for the cider connisseur
Thistly Cross ORIGINAL 7.20% This is a refreshing, lightly sparkling cider with a slow fermentation, light and fruity to taste. This is a well balanced cider with easy appley flavours.
Thistly Cross TRADITIONAL 4.40% A classic Scottish session cider, a medium sweet cider with all the aromas of ripe fruit, golden in the glass with a clean apple finish.
Thistly Cross WHISKEY CASK 6.90% A flavoursome cider, matured in Ex Glenlassaugh casks for six months to nature the natural characteristics, medium dry cider.
Thistly Cross GINGER 4.00% A blend of fresh root ginger, pressed on our apple press to create a full bodied dry cider.
Sandford Orchards Fruit Based(waiting for desc)
Sandford Orchards Fruit Based (waiting for desc)
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