Hadrian Border

About the brewery

The Border Brewery, Tweedmouth was re-established in 1992 on the site of the original Border Brewery (more specifically the malt kilns) which dates back to 1777.
In 1994, husband and wife team, Andy and Shona Burrows, bought the brewery. Andy’s brewing knowledge and experience, combined with Shona’s business acumen resulted in their early beers, such as ‘Rampart’,’Old Kiln Bitter’ and ‘Old Kiln Ale’ being a huge success. Soon the couple were looking for larger premises to increase production.

As a result, the Border Brewery bought the equipment of the recently closed down Four Rivers Brewery in 2000 and ‘moved lock, stock and casks’ to the 20-barrel brew-plant premises at Hawick Crescent, Newcastle upon Tyne – the site of the original Hadrian Brewery. Hence the name change to the Hadrian & Border Brewery.

Website: http://www.hadrian-border-brewery.co.uk/

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