CannyBrew.com was designed and built by three Camra members – PJ White, Matt Dinnery and Michael Brown – who wanted to improve the internet offering of the campaign’s Tyneside and Northumberland branch.

Having built the site we then hosted it for the world to see and offered it, for free, first to the branch’s comittee, then to members of the branch at a Camra meeting.

Unfortunately the “beards” started shouting things about “mutiny” and “bringing the campaign into disrepute” and a great deal about why they didn’t want to change. So we rescinded our offer.

You see, that all just seems a bit too serious for our tastes. Beer and cider should be most of all about having fun, experiencing new things and if you can, supporting local producers and pubs.

We don’t mind if a landlord wants to use more modern technology to keep their beer in tip top shape, or if there’s another fruit flavour in our cider. We don’t even mind if a brewery wants to have their beers served from a keg. After all, surely it should be up to the person who creates something how they think it’s best to drink it, and for pub-goers to decide if they like it?

We still support Camra’s aims and appreciate all they have done for real ale. You probably won’t see us building the local branch another website or editing them another magazine anytime soon, but the creators of the site are still members of the campaign and if we could, we’d try and support them through this site.  Yet they’ve asked us not to. So we won’t. (If you want that sort of thing then head for Camra’s own website, camra.org.uk)

Our message is simple – enjoy your beer and cider (responsibly), support North East pubs and breweries and have a good time doing it.

And if you are ever stuck for a few ideas of where to go or what to do, check out our What’s On calendar.


Canny Brew is a limited company registered in England, number 08577743.

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